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The game does not pick up on one of my controllers

i soo sneaky

i cant seem to start the game. i can only use arrow keys and ESC and The Analog on my controller.,.

will there be a mac version

Still planning on working on this or did you trash it?

controllers don't work, the game doesn't recognize them, only cursor keys and ESC work

what type of controller are you using?

I've got XboxOne and Speedlink Xeox Pro Analog controllers.

I am sorry for the trouble. It's been quite a while since I've updated this build, the plugin which handles different controller types may be out of date and unable to handle the speedlink (the Xbone controller really ought to work though, so that's a bit strange). Apologies. 

did u find the fix yet?

unfortunately not, the game looks interesting

Dude that game is possible on pc? I don't have controller......

'fraid you do need a pair of controllers to play. It's local multiplayer, so two people controlling with mice & keyboard would be tricky


How do I start the game on pc? Is this possible? (I cant select)

are you using a controller, i a 360 or ps4 or xbone?


im using a controller and i still cant seem to do it.

Hey love the game! Will there be any updates soon? Like 4 player coop?

Hey Kuro, thanks for checking it out. I'd like to get 4p versus in there at some point. I've been focused on optimizing the grass though. Working a day job in the games industry has made me pretty slow though. :( You can follow me here and on twitter, I'll let it be known when I kick a new one out.

Awesome! Can't wait! :) You should put Bog on steam greenlight. I'd easily pay $10 - 15 for the full game.


My friends and I love getting together to play some good old local multiplayer and this is fantastic! Really great concept, engaging mechanics, and interesting atmosphere!

Thanks Jer. Really appreciate you checking it out. Come back soon, I've fixed some bugs and implemented a couple other little goodies. Should be uploaded tomorrow or later this week. :)


Sweet! Will do. Looking forward to it!


Took a while but I popped a new version on with some (pretty subtle) fixes and additions. If you guys do boot it up again and have any thoughts about it, I'm all ears. Thanks again for takin the time.


Already so much fun to play. Can't wait to see where it goes.


thanks Martin. :)